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Camo Marketing


Camo Marketing Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Apple Auto Sdn. Bhd. (AASB) and the main distributor of Camo Window Films. AAS began operation in Malaysia in 2003 and now was over 20 years of experience in the window film industry. We import, distribute, market and install high-quality window film developed using the latest automotive and commercial building heat rejection technology.

With our drive and perseverance together with the support from our partners, AASB is now one of only a few renowned OEM manufacturers and installers of heat rejection safety films for automotive and buildings in Malaysia.


Our Market

Our business isn’t just in window films but we’re also car care experts specializing in washing, polishing and shining and overall car beautification.
The sale of vehicles in Malaysia has risen by 1% to 608,790 units sold in 2020. Frost and Sullivan report that new vehicle models offer the latest smart technology and command greater attention from buyers and this encourages purchases.
  1. The car wash industry is growing 3% year on year.
  2. Car owners that prefer their cars washed and managed by professionals has increased by 47% since 1994
  3. 35% of car owners are willing to pay more for green services

Camo Marketing Franchise Package

Camo Films headquarters trains and supplies technical experts under our operation support package. Together with our management support and our customer support system, Camo Car Tinting Center is worry-free and is as easy as A-B-C.

Starter Package

At your request, Camo Films headquarters will assist in managing your outlet for the first year with an additional 5-10% management fee charged upon actual sales.

Self Managed Center

Manage the centre yourself after the 2nd year, make all the decisions and grow the business into a true legend.

Managed Center

If you prefer not to get involved, let Camo Film manage the business for you. This way, you’re guaranteed continuous smooth operations every time.

How To Be A Franchisee

Choose how you would like to be our partner:

  1. Full Franchisee, own the entire premise
  2. Investor and shareholder for selected outlets

Financing options

100% Franchise Loan from PNS for Bumiputras only

PNS requirements

  1. Individuals aged 21 and above
  2. Must attend a 20-day franchising class from PNS
  3. Loan at a 3.5% interest rate
  4. Up to 90% maximum loan
  5. Up to RM500,000 maximum loan
  6. Bumiputra only
  7. Loan tenure up to 6 years

70% Franchise Loan from CGC for Non-Bumiputras

CGC requirements

  1. Individuals aged 21 and above
  2. Must possess an SPM certificate or Diploma
  3. Loan at a 5% interest rate
  4. Up to 70% maximum loan
  5. Loan tenure up to 6 years

Self / Personal Financing

Outlet Concept

Government Approval

The Camo brand has been registered local franchisor with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Corporation and Consumer Department of Franchise Development. Our information can be obtained via the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs Portal  (KPDNHEP): 

Questions and Answers

The minimum required square footage is 1,600 square feet

RM290,000 excluding processing fees, rental deposit, utility deposit and working capital

Yes, renewal fees can be negotiated for the the next 6 years

The tenure is for 6 years

Bayaran yang dapat ditagih adalah 4% daripada penjualan kasar setiap bulan.

The franchisor will conduct marketing and advertising initiatives regularly based on its marketing strategy to build its customer base

Sekiranya francaisi berpotensi mempunyai lokasi dalam fikiran, francaisor akan menilai lokasi untuk kesesuaian sebelum memberikan. Jika tidak, francaisor akan mengesyorkan beberapa lokasi untuk bakal francaisi.

The franchisor will conduct free training for technicians 1 month before opening an outlet

Yes, the franchisor will assist in co-ordinating the outlet launch and opening

the franchisor will appoint an officer to monitor and access performance and make recommendations to improve your business

Recommended business hours are from 9 am to 8 pm. 

After successful registration, a franchisee has to wait for an estimated 2 months before the business can be conducted. this is due to the commencement of the agreement, registration of the company, training of staff and more.

Candidates require a strong drive for entrepreneurship and readiness to execute the overall plan set by Camo headquarters.