Keep Cool. Keep Going.

At Apple Auto we pride ourselves in providing customers with the only quality certified UV protection film in Malaysia. We believe keeping your cars, homes and workplaces cool shouldn’t be compromised. We spend half our our lives in the sun, don’t let the heat get you down.

We Drive Innovative Products and Services

We enrich humankind with access to advanced living solutions through the safest and most innovative means

Automotive Care and Commercial Tinting Services

Stay cool during the day with clear vision at night.

Automotive Tinting

We are known for our photochromic film, the most advanced technology in the window film industry. Manufactured using the latest Nano-Ceramic technology and mineral, our films provide high-performance heat rejection leaving you in complete comfort and protected from harmful UV rays.

Car Detailing

We provide a total solution when it comes to automotive protection.  From paint coating, Fabrics and leather seat coatings to engine coatings and even Headlamp coating. We make daily car maintenance easy!

Paint Protection Coating

We provide a coating with super durability, smoothness, heat, resistance and anti-dust ha protects against water marks, bird droppings, insect acid, oxidation, tree sap and petrol and diesel fumes. A brilliant shine that really lasts without re-waxing and re-polishing for a long time.

Building Tinting

CAMO™ window film is the latest in Nano-Ceramic technology and Mineral–Tungsten window tinting. It is commercially created to provide high performance of heat rejection for window tinting in the construction industry.

Safeaire, The Preventive Shield

A cleaner, safer living environment for your loved ones

Safe-Aire+ is an eco-friendly lab-tested disinfectant solution that has been proven to eliminate most bacteria, fungus and viruses. By using Safe-Aire+, you are able to keep your family safe from the dangers of bacteria, fungal and viral exposure that can be found on various exposed surfaces and polluted environments.

Aside from being clinically tested, SafeAire is also infused with high quality refined Pine Oil. Pine Oil is a naturally found disinfectant with antiseptic qualities that have been proven to be effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses. This key ingredient once refined, is one of the reasons why Safe-Aire+ can protect your family.

Experience Matters

A team with their sights on the future

Our leadership approach is clarity. We set a clear, rigorous course for developing growth in every business vertical. Our diverse leadership team is shaping our future with an extensive range of knowledge, experience, and expertise to improve consumers’ lives today and into the future.

We believe our diverse experience makes us more competitive and creates value for our customers, shareholders, and employees. We believe in the value of each person’s unique identity, background, and experiences and are committed to creating products and services that truly outshines and outperforms our competitors while ensuring eco-friendliness and sustainability for our environment.